Improving the security of electronic medical records

Privacy monitoring laws are more strict.

Privacy monitoring laws are more strict.

New US legislative guidelines (HIPAA and HITECH) now require more rigorous monitoring for electronic medical records.

Yes.  Your reputation is at stake.

Yes. Your reputation is at stake.

Noncompliance with new HIPAA regulations can result in high fines and/or the loss of your medical facility’s good reputation.

EBAS will help you remain compliant.

EBAS will help you remain compliant.

Maize’s medical record monitoring system, EBAS, delivers the quickest and most efficient applications for auditing.

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Power your medical record monitoring with the new Explanation-Based Auditing System (EBAS).


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EBAS  reporting and filtering capabilities allow you to more quickly identify and distinguish suspicious activity—from snooping to identity theft.


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Comprehensive, end-to-end solution to streamline HIPAA audits.


Appropriate Access Filtering.  EBAS quickly filters accesses that occur for valid clinical or operational reasons using advanced machine-learning algorithms.

Streamlined Access Investigations.  Efficiently manage the investigation of suspicious accesses and export reports to others.

No Server Configuration.  EBAS runs in a virtual machine (VM) within your healthcare network and can integrate with your EMR.  Quickly and easily load accesses for auditing.

More Sophisticated Reporting (including text access reports).  Easily export reports and data that your staff can understand.  Automatically include text for each access describing why it occurred.

Maize’s EBAS allows your staff to quickly determine why accesses of your electronic medical records occurred and identify any that are not legitimate.


Deterrence.  The transparency of your records and the ability to analyze access data in complex ways will help you deter inappropriate access in the future.

Improved Auditing Efficiency and Accuracy.  Your privacy officers will have more time to focus on suspicious behaviors and investigations.

Targeted Audits.  Random audits, new-employee audits and VIP-audits are simple to order and analyze.

Automatic Issue-Resolution History.  At any time The Office for Civil Rights may request an account of your auditing procedures, findings and results. EBAS keeps detailed records of which accesses are reviewed,whether they were deemed appropriate, and why.

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EBAS runs in a virtual machine (VM) within your healthcare network.


No server configuration required.

Installation is simple and fast

Secure installation and operation

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Sending patient data to the cloud is not permissible for most healthcare systems.  EBAS is designed to be easily and securely installed into your existing network.