Maize Analytics Journal of Health Care Compliance Feature

Maize Analytic’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Daniel Fabbri, was recently asked to write a feature article for the Journal of Health Care Compliance on managing third-party vendors in the era of big data and machine learning. The article dives into the types of risks that covered entities face when utilizing third-party vendors and…

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Maize Now Available on Azure Marketplace

Maize Analytics’ Patient Privacy Monitoring tool is now available in the Azure Marketplace to allow for a seamless user management and sign on experience. This integration of the Maize tool and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) allows Maize customers to grant and control access to their privacy monitoring tool through…

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Hospitals Spend More After Data Breach, but there is a Fix.

Two recently published reports discuss the high costs healthcare organizations incur due to a data breach. The Department of Health and Human Services estimates that it takes a breached organization a full year to recover. From fines and lawsuits, to having to rebuild the hospital’s image, it is hours of work at a high cost.

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