Our Story

Maize Analytics started from one question: How can hospitals monitor the massive amounts of data they have coming in? In 2010, hospitals managed and audited their data in a way that Maize founder and CEO, Dr. Daniel Fabbri, realized was inefficient, resulting in false positives and problems going undetected.

It sounded like a good opportunity to solve this problem for his Ph.D. thesis at the University of Michigan, and in 2011, the paper, the patent, and the research began, resulting in Maize’s first solution, Patient Privacy Monitoring. In 2013, Maize Analytics was officially born, becoming the first published, patented (US#8745085B2), and peer-reviewed solution on the market.

Today, our team has grown to support multiple solutions, healthcare facilities, and corporate organizations across the United States and Canada.

Our Principles

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A will to win, the right way. Maize values earning the trust of potential and current customers through transparency.

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Maize likes a challenge, and we’re always working to solve problems in creative ways.

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Customer Commitment, regardless of the ask. Maize is commited to always calling back.

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Maize is a collective genius, with experience in various areas that come together to provide one service.

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Maize values quality over quantity. We ensure what we develop will help makes someone’s job a little easier.

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Maize is approachable. We care about our customer and want them to know it.

Work With Us!

At Maize, we value people who have a desire for personal and professional growth. In turn, we provide a place where employees can confidently ask questions and learn from each other to grow the collective genius. We are currently hiring for these roles:

Senior Solutions Specialist

If you would like to see our other open opportunities, visit our job board.

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