PHIPA Order HO-013: Ki Design to Partner with Maize Analytics for Patient Privacy

Ki Design is proudly partnering with Maize Analytics to provide cutting edge access monitoring tools and consulting services for next generation compliance challenges. Privacy advocates in and beyond Ontario lack easy audit solutions. Common practices include manual and rules based solutions which result in wasted effort and high false positive rates, making it impossible for providers to audit proactively. Maize Analytics provides the only system that lets users proactively audit with minimal oversight and training. The KI Audit Solution powered by Maize offers all the benefits of Maize design while being tailored to meet Ontario’s regulatory requirements.

The IPC investigation of Rouge Valley Health Systems resulted in PHIPA order HO-013, demanding that the hospital:

  • Monitor all access to personal health information
  • Amend the agreement between the hospital and its Meditech system hosting provider
  • Develop a software solution to restrict search capabilities to what is medically necessary for health and personnel and agents

As part of the Healthcare Lab, Maize Analytics is launching a new tool to help address institutional challenges in our changing privacy environment. Maize Analytics’ innovative Explanation Based Auditing System (EBAS) is an EMR access monitoring tool that allows hospitals to monitor and audit for internal data breach threats. The tool combines rules and clinical context to dramatically increase internal fraud detection.

“The Explanation Based Auditing System can automatically audit 95% of EMR accesses, drastically reducing the workload for privacy officers and reducing risk for healthcare organizations” – Daniel Fabbri, PhD, Founder and CEO of Maize Analytics.

Dr. Wael Hassan, founder and CEO of Ki Design, calls EBAS “A disruptive force in the Canadian privacy space that will forever change how we do privacy audits.” He foresees that hospital and provincial mobile health systems are in dire need for Maize’s technology to ensure privacy and security for Ontarians.

Ki Design helps clients navigate privacy regulations by providing industry-leading advice on compliance governance, program management, and implementation of security instruments.