Assign Roles and Responsibilities

Organizations with vast amounts of systems and users make access review time-consuming, unorganized, and prone to error. The SecureLink Access Intelligence solution offers a simple system of roles and responsibilities that allow you to delegate work across a number of people, saving time and increasing accuracy.

Track Changes and Maintain Documentation

The review of an entire organization’s internal controls requires a lot of work and input from several people and departments. In order to achieve adequate reporting, it’s crucial to maintain a diligent system of tracking and documentation. SecureLink Access Intelligence automatically records actions taken within the tool, logs uploaded files, tracks ServiceNow requests, and provides fast and simple reporting at the end of a review.

Watch and Understand the Progress of your Review

It can be difficult to understand a review's status with so many pieces involved. SecureLink Access Intelligence allows you to easily view the degree of completion for each system and location within a larger review, providing easy and accurate insight into the collective progress of a review.

Identify Permission Issues

With a clear structure of responsibility and accountability, organizations are better equipped to determine which internal permissions should be approved and, more importantly, which should not. SecureLink Access Intelligence provides users with straightforward and relevant information that enables them to better identify appropriate vs. inappropriate permissions.

Learn how you can streamline internal system access reviews to ensure appropriate user access