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With millions of accesses to patient medical records a day, it’s impossible to monitor them all. With Maize, the work is done for you. We audit millions of accesses in minutes and provide you with unexplained accesses ranked by order of suspicion to review.

Proactive Auditing, Reactive Investigations

No more searching for needles in a haystack. Maize does the searching, and brings you the needle, highlighting inappropriate accesses and sending review notifications right to your inbox. From there, you can start an investigation within the tool and send notifications to departments if needed.

One Solution for Everything

Maize allows you to track specific user departments, designate VIPs, and manage investigations so you have full visibility into your organization. The Maize VIP crawler will also alert if any designated VIPs are mentioned in the news, allowing you to fully protect those patients.

Reporting Built for You

Showing the impact compliance has on privacy is critical for your organization, and we understand that organizational needs differ. That's why our solutions enable you to build customized one-time reports or recurring reports based on your organization's needs and privacy efforts.

Ranked #1 in the 2021 Best in KLAS: Software and Services Report

Maize Analytics has been chosen as the top-performing solution in the Patient Privacy Monitoring Segment of the 2021 Best of KLAS Report.

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Taking Drug Diversion One Step Further with Maize Analytics

Detect prescription fraud and abuse with Maize’s Drug Diversion Solution. Unlike other drug detection solutions available, our solution incorporates clinical context, allowing you to detect prescription fraud and abuse from multiple angles.

Drug Diversion combined with Patient Privacy Monitoring helps your organization further detect against insider threats, protect your patients, and mitigate risk.

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Learn how you can protect patient data with Patient Privacy Monitoring