Maize Analytics merges with SecureLink

Maize has merged with SecureLink, the leader in third-party remote access security. Read the full press release to learn more about the merger, what this means for Maize, and how we're bringing data governance to SecureLink's remote access security solutions.

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Empowering you to navigate networks of data
with the power of machine learning.

Simplifying the Process

Our solutions bring together data from different sectors within your organization, filters through everything, and alerts you to anything that seems suspicious. This allows you to spend less time filtering through massive amounts of data, and more time focused on suspicious threats.

100% Transparent

Our solutions work with you, learning from policies outlined by you within the tool, so you always know what’s happening inside the box. With a full understanding of your machine learning system, you will always be prepared to explain your decisions to governing bodies.

Tailored to You

Every organization is different, that’s why we believe in only using your organizational data, rather than a one-size-fits all approach. For better accuracy, your Maize solution will be customized to your organization.

Solutions for your data governance needs

Maize Analytics provides solutions for privacy, compliance, and security needs within healthcare and corporate organizations. Leverage AI to maximize efficiency, reduce fraud, and increase productivity.

Patient Privacy Monitoring

Protect patient data from insider threats with AI powered EMR access auditing.

SecureLink Access Intelligence

Formerly known as MART. Audit internal systems and the users who have access to them to maintain SOX auditing, HITRUST, and general internal access requirements.

Maize By The Numbers

Accesses Audited Per Month

Hours Saved

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